About Luna & Lores

When I think of myself I think how rough I still am. I thought I have smoothened out over time but the more I live, the more I discover new knicks and turns on me and I'm starting to appreciate the way this life is shaping me. This is the thought I put into my work. I want you to discover each fragment and aspect of your new jewelry. It's a journey that traveled from my hands to yours and it has a story to tell. Just like you. My work is full of life and energy. When you discover what attracts you, you'll see what was missing. I hope my work brings you joy, meaning and onto new paths you can travel.

Preserving nature with its colours, shapes and tiny details is a true reminder of the beauty of our vibrant world surrounding us. Being part of this universe and capturing tiny fractures of our own ever changing cosmos is a joy I like to pass on to you.
With Luna & Lores I am able to speak to you through my work and I hope it captures your soul!

Each piece from Luna & Lores is handmade and packaged in ecofriendly gift boxes ready for gift giving.

Custom orders are always welcome. Please send me a message with your ideas to: lunaandlores@gmail.com


copper birthstone rings           personalized name rings