Copper Care

Copper is one of the oldest metals turned into jewelry since thousands of years. It is free of iron (it won't rust), antimicrobial (that's why it's also used as water pipes) and to be believed to have great benefits when wearing it on skin.

To keep it raw and beautiful, we don't seal our jewelry. We instead leave it be which means it oxidizes on its own. While you wear your ring, earring or necklace it will brighten and polish on areas touching your skin or clothing and darken on spots untouched. What an adventure! We at Luna & Lores completely love and embrace this process!

Will my skin turn green?

Sometimes wearing copper jewelry will turn your skin green which is scientifically a reaction to your bodies pH level. Simply wash it off as it is completely harmless.

  • your copper jewelry will change patina over time and oxidize
  • avoid wearing your jewelry with excessive water use
  • clean your jewelry regularly with a cotton cloth
  • to  ring back shine sprinkle table salt on a fresh lemon and rub over the copper, rinse with water or mix a pinch table salt into a bit of vinegar, warm this mixture and clean your copper piece with it, rinse with water
  • you can seal your ring with clear nail polish or jewellers wax