Black Obsidian Keychain,LUNAandLORES.
Black Obsidian Keychain,LUNAandLORES.

Black Obsidian Keychain

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Mysterious rustic swivel keychain featuring one black obsidian arrowhead electroformed to have your keys all in one place. Makes a great gift for mom!

Electroforming is like magic: copper forms and builds around a gemstone taking on shapes that you never see coming. But by doing it so, it always looks organic, earthy and full of character. All of my pieces are handmade with care, knowledge and lots of love & light.

Please allow for differences in colour, size and shape.

Your keychain will arrive in a little box ready for gift giving.

♡ Black obsidian is a glass-like rock that forms when volcanic lava cools quickly. Its energy draws you in softly, but very deeply, which makes the presence of black obsidian powerful in many ways. It is commonly used for protection, healing and truth-telling.

Each fragment, gemstone or metal I incorporate in my pieces is found on this beautiful planet and is dedicated to you.

Your pendant is patinated and unsealed. Please read my copper care info!

Please send me a message for questions so I can help you!

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◗ postal delays due to Covid 19 can happen and are out of my hands
♥ Thank You

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